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 Ding-Dong, the Fucking Sox Won... 
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Post Ding-Dong, the Fucking Sox Won...
Let me start this rant off with a few facts about myself:

1. I'm a damn NY Yankees fan who comes from a family of damn Yankee fans and we like it that way.
2. As you can infur from the above statement; I don't like the Red Sox; i.e. The Team itself.
3. HOWEVER I highly respect the Red Sox Fans as let's face it, they are the most loyal baseball fans there are.

Until today... but I'll get to that later...

Honestly I don't mind the fact the Sox won overall, but I do mind the little details that most non-baseball Fans don't give a crap about. I don't mind the Sox Fans having their day - I will not deny them that, the broke the curse.

I DO mind other team's fans that are all suddenly jumping on the Sox Fan's frigging bandwagon. Let me illustrate this point.

When the Sox beat the Yanks in the playoffs this year (and let's face it folks, the Yanks' pitching this year sucked so it wasn't the Sox were better as we've beaten them before. It's just they knew out pitchers, we didn't have anyone to get rid of their lefthanders and A-Rod was a shitty trade we never should have done - and there you have the little annoying details I was talking about), I was sitting in one of my classes when a classmate wandered in who was a known Mets fan. Now I have nothing against the Mets, nor do I think any Yanks fan does really, but she evadently has something against us as she walks up to me with an air of superiority and announces to me, "So the curse is broken now, huh?"

Mind you this was after the Sox beat the Yanks in the playoffs... I didn't even humor her by looking at her and answered, "No, the curse is only broken when they win a World Series, not the Yanks. They've beaten the Yanks plenty of times before."

Shut her up.

I knew she was just trying to get a rise out of me, and I wasn't going to give it to her. Just like if she tries anything in class today, she'll get the same reaction. Why? Because she's supposedly a Mets fan. Not a Sox fan.

Now, Sox Fans and Yankee Fans can have civil conversations (outside of being at a game - during a game we're just down right evil to each other) as my Mom's best friend is a Sox Fan and they get along just fine. I know of married couples where one's a Sox Fan and the other's a Yankees Fan. So Sox Fans and Yank Fans actually get along just fine, which is something I believe many people outside the "rivalry" don't realize.

It's when other team's fans start trying to harass us Yanks Fans based on how the Sox are doing that gets my goat (and I don't mean the goat that cursed the White Sox either) - or just how the Yanks are doing period. I get them constantly here, especially since I'm so close to Atlanta, GA. Apparently they're still pissed the last World Series we were in together when we swept their Brave butts in 1999.

The reason it irks me so is their stupid reasons for harrassing me. I'm so sick of the, "But you always win" excuse. We haven't won a World Series since 2000. We still have a good team though, it's just that our core players that kicked butt for so long are aging and the other players are catching on to their tricks and quirks. I'm also sick of, "But Steinbrenner just buys the best players." Well, duh, you morons. Do you think Yanks Fans would expect less? If Ted Turner put in half as much time and money into the Braves as Steinbrenner does the Yanks, maybe they'd be worth advertising to death like he does on all his stupid channels. And for the rest of you who's teams' owners don't have that kind of money like Steinbrenner and Turner do, don't worry because thanks to the Baseball Royalty Tax, we're now paying for you too. And you know what? Some of the less expensive teams are doing just fine even without all that money, just look at the Twins, they've been doing wonderfully. The last three teams that won the World Series were low end teams, so it isn't all about the money overall.

It's just that I'm so sick of the whining from the other teams fan's making up these excuses. Before, the Sox Fans were the only ones who had the right to harass the Yanks since they were the underdogs for 86 years. No one else in my opinion had that right no matter how much they bitch and moan at me.

Yet now they've won. Enjoy it Sox Fans, but for the rest of you, shut up. If you're not a true Sox Fan I don't want to hear it. You haven't suffered for 86 years. In other words, if you're Boston hat is not faded with an obvious sweat ring around it, don't you dare come swaggering up to me or I will belittle you will little Baseball details until your ears bleed.

But to the Sox Fans: See you in 2090!


October 28th, 2004, 9:15 am
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