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Author:  crzyfuries [ October 22nd, 2006, 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Ever Wonder...

Have you ever wondered where certain phrases in the english langage came from?

Some phrases or sentences are just figures of speech, but they still have a story behind it or something that would make it make sence.

For example when it is said that someone "went off on a tangent." The meaning is of a mathematical origin where one line barely touches another, and is turned off in abother direction. (And tangent comes from the latin word "tangere" meaning to touch) So taking the same concept, it would make sense.

But some phrases I just have no clue for. Where did it come from? Who started it?

For example: "______ the F***?"
who or what made it possible to attatch "-the F***" to any of the 6 most basic questions nd have it make any sense? How does that phrase even fit in there?

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