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Gold Digger & Fred Perry
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Author:  HorusRe [ October 17th, 2004, 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Gold Digger & Fred Perry

One of the things that I don't often mention about myself (simply because it is such an engrained part of my character that it slips my mind) is that I am a rabid fan of Anthropomorphics... so animals that look like people. For the uninformed. If I could have any dream completed it would be to grow squirrel fur and gain the tail. :wink: Gold Digger is one of those rare comics that always makes me feel good. It's got action, humor, drama, and some of SEXIEST characters in the entire AP (antartic press) line! Brittiny Diggers (a werecheetah and a total babe, well, for animation anyway) carries the comic but it has as many sub-characters as Ranma and just about as many sub-plots! It's an excellent read with amazing art.

Now, for those with a slant to the Hentei... *chuckles in guilty pleasure* Fred Perry also does a line of "Blue" portfolios starring the characters of Gold Digger. He also write and does strips (no pun intended) for Xxxenophiles... one of the BEST anthropomophic anthologies around. To say nothing of its content! This is not a kid's comic! heh heh heh Fred also can be seen in most of AP's anthologies (adult and otherwise) and his work is truly awsome. Anime simple but with the capability of being incredibly detailed. If you can check it out. Most search engines will take you to a multitude of sites if you enter the Gold Digger title.


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